Special Educational Needs: Questions Children May Have

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1. How does the school know if I need extra help? Answer

2. What should I do if I think I need extra help? Answer

3. How will my work be organised to meet my individual needs? Answer 

4. How will I be involved in planning for my needs and who will explain it and help me? Answer

5. Who will tell me what I can do to help myself be more independent? Answer

6. What should I do if I'm worried about something? Answer

7. How will I know if I am doing as well as I should? Answer

8. How can I get help if I am worried about things other than my learning? Answer

9. Are there staff in school who have had special training to help children who need extra help? Answer

10. Can school staff get extra help from experts outside the school if they need to? (e.g. advice and training on medical conditions) Answer

11. If I have difficulty in taking part in school activities what different arrangements can be made? Answer 

12. What help is there to help me get ready to start school or move to a new one? Answer