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Music at Home


Welcome to the MUSIC section of Ashley Down Schools Federation home learning!
All activities on this page are music - related and can be completed in 20 minutes or so. 
The aim is that each activity is enjoyable, suitable for most children and adaptable so that children can decide their own level of challenge by seeing how far they can take each task.
The online resource we will be using is www.minuteoflistening.org.  Instructions for creating a free account is on each worksheet.  



 If you play an instrument or would like to, online 1:1 learning is available here:  https://www.bristolplaysmusic.org/learn/instrumental/virtual-academy/

Lots of additional information on music learning is available here: 
Keep playing!  And do email us if you need any help with accessing musical learning or indeed if you'd like to share some musical learning with us.
Very best,
Mr Croughan


Music at Ashley Down Schools Federation

Ashley Down Schools Federation delivers music education as a key part of our children’s development and an integrated subject in our enquiry-based curriculum. We understand how music, singing and instrument playing can aid the development of children’s overall literacy as well as developing socio-emotional, motor, auditory, language and intellectual skills. 

Please click here to see our Music Curriculum.

Our Singing Strategy:
As a school, we want singing to occur, unabashed, both formally and informally in all areas of the curriculum and the school building. If children are singing in the playground and humming in the corridors it is likely we are succeeding in achieving this goal. We aim to give all staff the resources and development to confidently grow our singing provision.
Weekly singing assemblies are themed each term (KS2: world music, musical theatre, Bristol folk songs and sea shanties, rock and roll, 20th century music, classical music including part-singing) and integrate key celebrations and calendar events such as Black History Month, Children in Need, Harvest and Christmas into what we sing. We always sing for purpose as well as pleasure with a focus on conveying meaning and having an effect on the listener/audience/ ourselves. Children have an active voice in selecting the music we come into the hall listening to and there is always information, thoughts and questions about what we are listening to on the screen.

Please click here for more information about Musical Instrument Lessons.

The schools’ four choirs (a KS1 and a KS2 choir at each site) perform at major venues in Bristol including the Colston Hall, St Georges and the Bristol Cathedral. They have performed in front of small audiences (HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and local dignitaries) and large audiences (over 1,000 people at the Colston Hall). They aim to be a part of all the Bristol Plays Music events for KS1 and KS2.

Please hear the children's wonderful work below


Avengers theme played by 200 musicians!

Over 200 children packed the Anson Rooms on the 18th June from 14 Bristol primary schools.  37 of the children there were from Ashley Down and Brunel Field.  Have a listen below to the fantastic sound they made.  The Avengers theme (Alan Silvestri) was one of three pieces the children played.