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Ashley Down Primary School

Ashley Down Primary Welcome!

Welcome - Headteacher - Mrs Sood


 At Ashley Down Primary School we believe that every child should reach their full potential and succeed. Our core values of compassion, commitment, respect and joy are the foundations of our curriculum and behaviour strategies.  We believe in a nurturing and supportive approach that balances emotional wellbeing whilst striving for children to reach their academic potential. 


At Ashley Down, we believe that underpinning any child’s success is a solid foundation in the basic skills of reading writing and maths. We also want children to be self-assured and articulate so that they are able to speak confidently both with, and in front of, adults and their peers.


We also provide opportunities for children to be creative not only artistically but through the way that they think and engage in learning.  We want children to have a knowledge base on which they can build and acquire skills which will support them in learning and in life. The characteristics of effective learning start in the early years and these principles follow the children all the way through Ashley Down Primary School.  Resilience, having a growth mindset and being aware of how you learn best are all skills our children are taught to be embedded in their learning.


We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for our children and that their time at primary schools inspires and equips them to be successful citizens for the future. Throughout their journey at Ashley Down we want children to have a strong sense of identify and who they are. It is important that they see themselves reflected in a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds through role models and learning resources.


The culture of learning is infectious and is modelled to the children by adults in our school. We are very proud of our children, staff and the community we serve.

Please click here to see our Equalities Statement.